Variegated Bleeding Heart Vine

Variegated Bleeding Heart Vine. Summer brings panicles of vibrant and showy white and red flowers. Powdery mildew is a superficial fungal disease that commonly infects plants in warm, dry climates.

Bleeding Heart Vine Variegated (Clerodendrum Thomsonae Sp) – Urban Tropicals
Bleeding Heart Vine Variegated (Clerodendrum Thomsonae Sp) – Urban Tropicals from

But in case you have poorly drained soil then you will need to prepare ideal potting mix. Clerodendrum, variegated bleeding heart vine, variegated glory bower 'variegatum' clerodendrum. The vines also respond well to hanging.

Full Sun To Partial Shade:

Deciduous in zone 9b in winter. Lush dark green leaves are highlighted with chartreuse and cream splotches. Variegated bleeding heart vine (clerodendrum thomsoniae 'variegatum') general plant information ;

Northern Gardeners Grow This Amazing Plant In Containers & Move Indoors For The Cooler Months.

During the summer, showy blooms that resemble dangling hearts bloom in abundance. Powdery mildews, which are caused by a variety of fungal species, are one. Buy bleeding heart whine white online from santhi online plant nursery website.

The Leaves Are Oval And Dark Green With A Light Green Margin.

This is the average expected mature height by width in feet or inches. Beautifully variegated creamy white and pale. If you have sandy loam soil then you can start growing this flowering plant just by adding organic compost in the soil.

Frequently Seen In The Shady Dappled Areas Of Old Southern Landscapes.

The variegated bleeding heart vine may occasionally produce solid green leaved vines which should be cut out as close to their point of origin as possible or the variegated portions may eventually be overtaken by the more vigorous green sports. Blooms continuously if given winter protection a Tolerates direct sun and perfers warmth, producing red and white flowers periodically.

Although It Is Root Hardy To Zone 9, It Really Is A Tropical Plant And Does Need Protection From Freezing.

Clerodendrum bleeding heart needs frequent fertilization to supply the nutrients required to produce blooms. Summer brings panicles of vibrant and showy white and red flowers. Bleeding hearts are prone to fungal diseases common to shady plants, including:

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