Pagoda Flower Plant

Pagoda Flower Plant. The blossoms arranged in layers of decreasing diameter looks like a crown and also like a japanese pagoda. The flowers bloom at the tips of the branches.

Pagoda Flower – Exhibits
Pagoda Flower – Exhibits from

It can grow over 6 feet and at least as wide. Instead, these plants reproduce through rhizomes. In traditional chinese medicine (tcm), pagoda tree flowers are plants that belong to the 'herbs that stop bleeding' category.

Japanese Pagoda Tree, Umbrella Tree, Chinese Scholar Tree, Or Sometimes More Simply As Pagoda Tree Or Scholar Tree.

In traditional chinese medicine (tcm), pagoda tree flowers are plants that belong to the 'herbs that stop bleeding' category. Pagoda flower (clerodendrum paniculatum) and plant Hematochezia dysentery bloody sputum nosebleed headache.

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When your japanese pagoda begins to blooms, you will want to use a fertilizer with an npk formulation with high phosphorous as your fertilizer of choice. The pagoda flower is a favorite of swallowtails and it is not uncommon to see six or more butterflies feeding at once on one large flower cluster in the “rainforest” exhibit. Some gardeners use it as a privacy fence to brighten up their backyard.

It Has A Wide Native Range, From India To Southeast Asia.

This species often establishes as a garden escapee. Increase the frequency to weekly for a plant in full sun. This lot will be cut back for posting.

It’s Worth Noting That The Pagoda Plant Produces Only Sterile Flowers;

It’s not a seeding variety. On the other hand, there’s in fact a species of flowering plant called pagoda flower (clerodendrum paniculatum) in the mint family, lamiaceae. The spikes can reach 18 high and are shaped very similarly to a chinese pagoda with.

It Can Grow Over 6 Feet And At Least As Wide.

It’s not a seeding variety. Clerodendrum paniculatum, the pagoda flower, is a species of flowering plant in the genus clerodendrum and family is native to tropical asia and papuasia (southern china including taiwan, indochina, bangladesh, sri lanka, andaman & nicobar islands, borneo, sulawesi, sumatra, philippines, bismarck archipelago), fiji, french polynesia, and central. Leaves width can be up to 12 inches across.

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