Java Glory Bower

Java Glory Bower. Everything you need to know about java glory bower (clerodendrum speciosissimum), including propagation, ideal conditions and common pests and problems. Native to java, indonesia, the species is planted in the tropics worldwide, and thus is known by many english names, the most common ones seeming to be java glorybower, flaming glorybower, pagoda flower and giant salvia.

Clerodendrum Speciosissimum - Glorybower.
Clerodendrum Speciosissimum – Glorybower. from

Java glory bower) adalah tumbuhan semak berkayu (shrub/tree) dan termasuk ke dalam keluarga lamiaceae. The most common name is glory bower. Glorybower, java glory bower, pagoda flower.

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Download this java glory bower photo now. The nectar rich flowers of the flaming glory bower are produced throughout summer and into fall and attract butterflies, hummingbirds, and bees. Likes sun to part shade.

Blooming Javanese Glorybower In A Potted Plant.

It is cultivated as an ornamental plant, in. Log in or sign up Tumbuhan ini berasal dari indonesia bagian timur dan didistribusikan ke amerika latin, afrika, florida.

The Species Is Considered To Have Been Native To Java, Indonesia And Introduced To Tropical And Subtropical Regions As An Ornamental.

The last three images, those furthest to. Clerodendrum species, flaming glory bower, giant salvia, java glory bower, pagoda flower (clerodendrum speciosissimum) by islandjim oct 6, 2003 11:10 pm venice, florida, october 2003 For more information, visit

Tumbuhan Ini Dapat Tumbuh Hingga 4 Meter.

Java glory bower) adalah tumbuhan semak berkayu (shrub/tree) dan termasuk ke dalam keluarga lamiaceae. Expect that the vine will lose some leaves. Glorybower, java glory bower, pagoda flower.

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This species can be differentiated from the java glorybower, clerodendrum speciosissimum, by the tiny orange glands that develop. Glossy, dark green leaves to 4 inches long. An excellent plant for long tongued pollinators but especially hummingbirds and larger butterflies.

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