Glory Bower Plant

Glory Bower Plant. Makes an easy, medium to large container plant where not hardy. For warm weather climates, this unusual fall bloomer can take full sun on the coast and part shade inland.

Clerodendrum Trichotomum - Wikipedia
Clerodendrum Trichotomum – Wikipedia from

You can prune harlequin glorybower to a. The nectar rich flowers of the flaming glory bower are produced throughout summer and into fall and attract butterflies, hummingbirds, and bees. While most varieties tolerate shade fairly well, they don't bloom as much.

Grow In Full Sun Or Partial Shade And Well Drained Soil.

Clerodendrum chinense is an evergreen shrub species in the lamiaceae family. Glossy, dark green leaves to 4 inches long. However, harlequin glorybower info indicates that the plant may be hardy to zone 6b.

It Turned Out To Be Clerodendrum Speciosissimum, The Specio In The Species Name Meaning Showy, And The Issimum Being A Suffix Meaning Very. Native To Java, Indonesia, The Species Is Planted In The Tropics Worldwide, And Thus Is Known By Many English Names, The Most.

The vines are also very. Prune away the deadwood in spring, and they will bounce back and bloom by late summer. It produces stout branches and tpiclly grows to around 2m in height.

Flowers Emerge As Red Buds In Terminal Clusters From Late Summer To Autumn.

The last three images, those furthest to. Best used for sore throat. An excellent plant for long tongued pollinators but especially hummingbirds and larger butterflies.

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While Most Varieties Tolerate Shade Fairly Well, They Don't Bloom As Much.

Most members of the lamiaceae genus clerodendrum are native to the old world tropics, but many have been cultivated and introduced as ornamentals elsewhere.the genus consists of approximately 400 species (armitage, 2001; The plant, which reaches heights of 10 to 15 feet (3 to 4.5 m.), displays a loose, rather unkempt, rounded or oval shape. Young foliage may have purple flushing.

It Grows Up To 6 M.

For warm weather climates, this unusual fall bloomer can take full sun on the coast and part shade inland. It belongs to the verbena family (verbenaceae), order lamiales. Plant care rose glory bower @gracedluscious houston, texas @hotapple ozark, alabama.

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