Clerodendrum Thomsoniae Seeds

Clerodendrum Thomsoniae Seeds. Clerodendrum thomsoniae is a type of flowering vine from the genus clerodendrum, verbenaceae family. If your home is dry, mist to keep the plant healthy.

Photo Of The Seeds Of Bleeding Heart Vine (Clerodendrum Thomsoniae) Posted By Janelp_Lee -
Photo Of The Seeds Of Bleeding Heart Vine (Clerodendrum Thomsoniae) Posted By Janelp_Lee – from

Even though it is vine or liana, it is also a somewhat bushy climber. Clerodendrum thomsoniae is an evergreen liana growing to 4m (13 feet) tall, native to tropical west africa from cameroon west to senegal. Leaf base is obtuse or rounded.

A Fully Grown Clerodendrum Thomsoniae Vine Can Drink Up To 3 Gallons Of Water Weekly.

Although the species reportedly can spread up to 15 feet ( missouri botanical garden, 2014 ) it does not spread as vigorously as some other vine species and can be. Clerodendrum thomsoniae grows best in fertile soil mixed with sand for good drainage. Found in disturbed areas, wet lower montane forests and weedy flats.

Bleeding Heart, Glory Bower, Clerodendron.

Leaf base is obtuse or rounded. Clerodendrum thomsoniae is a vigorous twining shrub with striking flowers. Black color before splitting open to reveal four black seeds against a fl eshy, bright orange interior.

All Clerodendrum Varieties Are Great Bloomers And Will Provide Flowers All Year Long.

Owing to its tropical roots, it’s perfect for growing in a sunny and humid greenhouse or conservatory, but it may be taken outside in summer. Indigenous to west africa, this. The four black seeds that develop within each fruit can be used for propagation.

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This plant is often seen in pots where it will abide in a continual state of. Attractive bushy, tropical looking twining vine. With attractive deep green rounded foliage it gets its common name from the red and white flowers’.

Clerodendrum Thomsoniae Is An Evergreen Liana Growing To 4M (13 Feet) Tall, Native To Tropical West Africa From Cameroon West To Senegal.

Spectacular, dramatic flowers are slightly flat, they have white sepals on either side of bright crimson petals. The appearance may be liken to a line of dangling hearts, each emerging from the other. The bleeding heart vine is a twining, evergreen shrub native to south africa.

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