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This year has been a good one for NFTs. The greatest NFT tokens became the center of attention in the international business and consumer communities due to their meteoric rise in price and widespread publicity in print and electronic media.

Nonetheless, it is continuing to expand with no indications of slowing down. OpenSea’s 2021 transaction volume was $14 billion, or 646 times the $21.7 million in sales recorded in 2020. (Source). As a result, NFTs have obvious applications in fields including advertising, property, banking, and government.

What do the New York Times, the NBA, Gucci, Paris Hilton, and Visa all have in common? It’s the non-financial-transactions. Therefore, it is no longer debatable that NFTs cannot be ignored in the present-day dynamic context.

With everything out of the way, let’s dive headfirst into the meat of this blog post. This is a complete compilation of the most original, entertaining, and thought-provoking NFT concepts ever compiled.

10 Best Ideas and Examples for NFTs in 2022


credit : CryptoPunks

CryptoPunks are popular NFTs. Larva Labs manufactured 10,000 CryptoPunk NFTs in 2017 that are redeemable with an Ethereum wallet. CryptoPunks’ secondary market value skyrocketed.

The cheapest CryptoPunk costs over $100,000, and over $1 billion have been exchanged in the NFT series. Via, Odell Beckham, and Jay-Z have invested heavily in CryptoPunks.


source : https://opensea.io/collection/nftrees

Unlike any other NFTs out there, Treedefi’s are backed by a forest of trees instead of just a virtual one. A tree will be planted in your honor by Treedify when you buy an NFT. In addition, they will record information about the tree, such as its age, physical traits, CO2 absorption rate, and so on. Taking into account both financial and environmental considerations, this may be a fantastic idea for an NFT.

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Artificial Intelligence NFT

Credits: NiftyRiots

This iNFT is a decentralized digital asset that uses the Ethereum blockchain to make decisions on its own. The more you converse with Alice, the more she learns and develops a unique personality. In her advertisement, she was asked how she feels about Blockchain life.

Alice retorts that she is a digital goddess who can assume any appearance. After receiving such positive feedback, Alethea AI, the company responsible for developing this NFT, is prepared to move forward with the project and lay the groundwork for the next generation of iNFTs.

Paris Hilton’s Planet Paris

Paris Hilton has long been an NFTs fan. Hilton is an expert on NFTs; she has written articles about them, discussed them on TV shows, and even made her own NFT series. Hilton teamed up with Blake Kathryn to launch a business called Planet Paris, which features a collection of commercials.

Beeple’s “Everydays – The First 5000 Days”

image credit: Christie’s source : https://www.beeple-crap.com/everydays

The $69 million NFT auction must be included in the list of NFT ideas. Beeple (Mike Winkelmann) has collected five artworks every day since 2007 for The NFT. Winkelmann’s project uses Octane and Cinema 4D.

The artwork is the most costly NFT sold to date and the third most expensive artwork sold by a living artist. The artwork sold for $13,860 per piece at a fine art auction house.

Nyan Cat GIF

The next candidate on the funny NFT list is ‘Nyan Cat GIF’ which is a wonderful piece of unique NFT artwork of the 2010s. On its tenth anniversary, the creator of the video converted it into an NFT to finally sell the same at an auction. The video was being sold for an amount close to $852,300 which shook the entire world.

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$200k LeBron dunk

NFTs can be compared to autographed merchandise or baseball cards as they are tradable, rare and collectable. The sports fraternity is no less when it comes to trading in the NFT market. Recently an NFT video clip of the famous LeBron James dunking was being sold by an NBA top shot for a massive amount of $210,000.

Bored Ape Yacht Club

source : https://boredapeyachtclub.com/ | image credit Bored Ape Yacht

Bored Ape NFTs are one-of-a-kind Ethereum-based digital collectibles. Your Bored Ape doubles as your membership card to the Yacht Club, giving you access to exclusive perks like the communal graffiti wall known as “THE BATHROOM.” The community has the power to activate future features and benefits by following the roadmap.

Each Bored Ape is one-of-a-kind thanks to a sophisticated algorithm that randomly selects from more than 170 possible traits, such as facial expression, hairstyle, and apparel. Some species of apes are more rare than others, but they’re all cool.

The unsold NFT of Elon Musk

Elon Musk, who’s been called a real-life Tony Stark for his tech influence, is no stranger to NFTs. Elon Musk was reportedly offered to sell one of his tweets, a song called “NFT for your vanity.” Never-sleeping computers. Validated. “GUARANTEED” Non-profit. Musk eventually declined the million-dollar offer because he didn’t think it was right to sell.

Crypto Stamps

Non-fungible tokens were surprisingly adopted by the Austrian postal service. As a result, in 2019, it issued the world’s first blockchain stamps. Numerous crypto stamps had already been sold, thus it was safe to assume that the idea was a success.

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Finally, we hope that the various works of NFT art we’ve discussed have helped you gain a better grasp on the nature and utility of NFTs. To most of us, this is still a foreign idea.

In any case, I hope that you have been challenged by this discussion on non-fiat currencies and the examples provided here. In the time it takes you to read this post, the crypto industry may have already seen enough wild new NFTs to warrant an entirely new article.

The potential of the NFT market is practically infinite, to shorten a lengthy narrative. In the next five years, Blockchain technology and NFTs are likely to cause widespread disruption across a wide range of businesses.

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